, Akshay Mundra
Graduate Researcher
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
2021 - Present
Computer Vision Engineer
DreamVu Inc.
Undergraduate Researcher
Computer Vision Center, Barcelona
Fall 2017


  • LiveHand: Real-time and Photorealistic Neural Hand Rendering
    ICCV 2023

    Abstract ▾
    The human hand is the main medium through which we interact with our surroundings. Hence, its digitization is of uttermost importance, with direct applications in VR/AR, gaming, and media production amongst other areas. While there are several works modeling the geometry of hands, little attention has been paid to capturing photo-realistic appearance. Moreover, for applications in extended reality and gaming, real-time rendering is critical. We present the first neural- implicit approach to photo-realistically render hands in real-time. This is a challenging problem as hands are textured and undergo strong articulations with pose-dependent effects. However, we show that this aim is achievable through our carefully designed method. This includes training on a low- resolution rendering of a neural radiance field, together with a 3D-consistent super-resolution module and mesh-guided sampling and space canonicalization. We demonstrate a novel application of perceptual loss on the image space, which is critical for learning details accurately. We also show a live demo where we photo-realistically render the human hand in real-time for the first time, while also modeling pose- and view-dependent appearance effects. We ablate all our design choices and show that they optimize for rendering speed and quality.

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Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving Thesis Code

  • Developed a navigation system for an autonomous vehicle in a virtual environment, using imitation learning techniques.
  • Fine-tuned the model with real-world data to make it navigate in the real world.

Ray tracer in C++ Code Rendering Competition

  • Built a ray tracer in C++ with salient features such as acceleration structures and distribution ray tracing.
  • Showcased the ray tracer in a rendering competition.

Automated Traffic Control Monitoring Report Code

  • Developed an end-to-end ML pipeline to estimate traffic density from smartphone and vehicle dashcam images.
  • Pre-processed an in-the-wild dataset and trained a lightweight MobileNetV2 model on it.
  • Deployed the model on an android compatible application for real-time inferencing.

Multi-Frame Super Resolution for smartphone photography Report Code

  • Generated bursts of low-resolution images synthetically, imitating tremors common in hand-held photography.
  • Applied transfer learning to a Residual Feature Attention based model for multi-frame super-resolution.


Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

Showcased the work done on autonomous driving at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.


Secured first​ ​position​ in APOGEE 2016 for the project Autonomous Solar Powered Grass Cutter. Received the prestigious APOGEE Award​ from BITSAA International for outstanding performance.

Merit-Cum-Need Scholarship at BITS Pilani

Received partial sponsership for tuition fees for all four years of undergraduate study at BITS Pilani.